Dynamic Voice & Music Studio


Tuition - Payments - Policies

Please understand that when committing to lessons, Dynamic Voice & Music Studio is reserving a specific day/time for you that cannot be filled by other customers/students. Therefore, you are not only paying for each individual that occurs, but for that time slot.

Your lesson rate includes all of the following:

  • Allotted time for lessons
  • Reservation of the assigned day/time of your lesson
  • Knowledge/expertise of your instructor
  • Instructor preparation for lessons


Lesson Rates Monthly

$34 per 30 minutes
$48 per 45 minutes
$64 per 60 minutes

Due at the first of every month
/ no make ups.

  • The student will contact the instructor if a lesson will be missed.
  • The student will be allowed one missed lesson every 3 months that they will not be charged for (regardless of the reason). The student will be responsible to pay for all subsequent lessons missed throughout the rest of the 3 month period, regardless of advanced notice or reason for the absence. Students may not carry over their unused “missed lesson allowance” into the new 3-month cycle.
  • The instructor reserves the right to cancel a lesson for any reason.
    Students will not be charged for any missed lessons due to the instructor’s absence.

Typically no makeup lessons are offered.
Please refer to the cancellation policy for further information on missed lessons.

  • One month’s written notice from the student is required for termination of lessons.
  • Email and/or written letter are acceptable forms of notice.
  • Written notice must be delivered to Expressions Music Studio one-month prior to termination of of services.
  • In the event that the student discontinues lessons with insufficient notice, the student will be liable to pay costs for lessons not delivered during the notice period.
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